convert degrees to mm wheel alignment

Alignment conversion:inches to degrees - help! Relevance. You'll now be given a value for nearside toe, offside toe and overall total toe angle in degrees. Step 9) Adjust your toe. In my case, 40 ÷ 8 = 5. :thumbsup: Step 1. ,, how can I convert a toe of 1/8" in to degrees? Here are the basic aspects of steering tuning. If you are going to use distance, you need to be certain what you are measuring from and how far out from the point of origin. mm's per inch conversion, you're not a likely candidate for being able to handle this yourself. Anyone know a conversion on degrees to mm or inches. Have a 4 wheel alignment performed. Divide the toe mm by the mm/degree result to get toe in decimal degrees Or Excel =DEGREES( ASIN( TOE_IN_MM / ( RIM_DIA_INCHES * 25.4 ))) Or use the calculator on this page, hypotenuse is the rim diameter the toe per wheel (total toe divided by 2) in mm is width (or toe in degrees is angle A). The caster in this vehicle is read four degrees plus or minus one half degrees (.5°). If the tires are leaning inward on the bottom they should wear on the outside of the tire. WHEEL ALIGNMENT SPECIFICATIONS & PROCEDURES 1998 Mitsubishi Montero 1997-98 WHEEL ALIGNMENT Mitsubishi - Specifications & Procedures Diamante, Eclipse, Galant, Mirage, Montero, Montero Sport, 3000GT RIDING HEIGHT ADJUSTMENT NOTE: Prior to performing wheel alignment, perform preliminary visual and mechanical inspection of wheels, tires and 10min /- 0deg. > > All I want to do is measure my front and rear toe. /- 0deg 5min. Press CALCULATE to find other values.Hit RESET to clear the form and SAMPLE if you want to see a sample calculation. 10min. > > It's the distance from the center of the tire tread to the > centerline of the vehicle. 10min. I just had my NSX aligned. User Name: Remember Me? All donations, trader's subscriptions, and the little advertising revenue generated goes straight back into maintaining server hardware to ensure the site runs quickly and smoothly with a substantial amount of money coming from my own pocket - money that I would far rather spend on … Using this diameter, I was able to duplicate the NSX-Hunter readouts exactly for -3.5 mm front and 4 … document.write(''); As it turns out, they use a Reference Tire Diameter for all of their car toe-in-linear-mearurements to toe-in-degree-measurments conversions. 30 mil to degree = 1.71887 degree. Still have questions? Type in unit symbols, abbreviations, or full names for units of length, area, mass, pressure, and other types. The camber angle is read one degree plus or minus 30 minutes. Now degrees is used because it's more accurate for differing wheel diameters. Will Biden get rid of gasoline cars and make me buy a electric car? These are two entirely different measurements. Anyway the question is my car required 0 degrees 9 minutes of toe in however the machine I have only works with mm, how do I convert this?. Get your answers by asking now. 8 years ago. 45 degrees. Also factory manual states the alignment tolerances in degrees, mm and inches and lists the following. Then multiply the amount of Minute you want to convert to Degree, use the chart below to guide you. Active 3 years, 7 months ago.