how much does it cost to smooth textured walls

On a prepared surface, applying a knockdown texture usually costs $1.00 – $2.50 per square foot, and most spend around $600 to $800 for a space. Textured walls of any sort would likely deem a house practically un-sellable. I think you call cornice crown molding. I see that some of you recommend a drywall primer and then to paint. Applying flat/smooth render. Another East Coaster here to say I’ve never heard of textured walls being standard! It might drive you nuts to hear we had a very good (read: pompous) ‘mudder’ who worked for our contractor. Highly skilled drywall crews don’t leave you with bowed, bulged or waved drywall so taping/sanding seams/screws then priming and painting for a smooth finish are not an issue. ... leaving you with a smooth surface. I chose the one with the least amount of variation and they got to work. I’m curious about the paint. Check out my guide here!! But i think the smooth walls look so much more elegant, and I am glad i got my way! Smooth walls are standard here (NY) and it does take two layers of compound with sanding, but just on the joints and screw holes. A painting or drywall contractor will charge $316 to remove texture paint from a ceiling in a 10-by-15-foot room and make any necessary repairs to the surface. It may use more material, but the labor is a lot less. One will cost you cash. (The big color variation is because the mud is still wet, when its dry its almost impossible to see in pictures.). We do this in the midwest where I live! Currently, I am smoothing my walls. Its not popcorn so you can wet and scrap it off (which I am sure it is a terrible mess) we have ceilings that they swirl mud around so you some deep grooves, smoother grooves, points, and where the wall and ceiling meet you have a divot that isn’t straight so your not sure where to stop painting and they aren’t painted so you can’t tape the off (you pull off the texture) and when you go to paint they suck it up. Wall texture is an important decision. A warped stud can require mudding a wall for several feet on either side, to hide the bowing. The cost of applying a smooth stucco finish varies widely from region to region. In the long run, the texture costs more in material and labour due to the difficulty in finishing the final product, which counters the marginal time savings achieved from the actual texture install. Popcorn Vs Smooth … Textured Walls and Resale Value. It was painted so many times over the years that it’s not as bumpy as it once was, but it’s a royal pain to match to the point that when we had rewiring done in the guest bedroom I covered the non-matchy texturing over the patched hole with a painting. There are a lot of different ways to finish drywall and I have researched all of them. So weird. Love those walls, though. A smooth texture is like wearing spanx. These coats can be done on the same day without drying period in between (despite what a lot of contractors will tell you). It’s so interesting to learn that smooth walls are standard on the east coast and Canada. Compare prices for hundreds of jobs and find the average cost. WUUUUUUUUT. Instead, it is thick and heavy and mimics the appearance of stucco or plaster. Well, you are dealing with a vintage building and that finish works. It usually ranges from $0.50 to $2.00 per square foot. The job went more quickly than a smooth-wall finish. I know I know, just go with me on this. For a typical 12’ x 12’ room with a wall height of 8’, the price averages around $815 for just the walls, or a total of $903 if including the ceiling drywall. Rough-textured walls require more labour to make sure you’ve coated the surface correctly. Obviously its not the end of the world, but it sure is close to it;) But really, for the look we love, textured walls don’t blend in at all. Smooth walls at every home I live in Chicago. Finding the right paint for the job is SO important! We will occasionally have a crack or “popped” screw head which causes a bulge but it isn’t typical. We always had smooth walls (unfortunately with popcorn ceilings in our 1960’s house) in our houses/apartments, except our first house which was a 1940’s bungalow and did have a more plastered/textured wall finish. Requisite supplies for the job, including fasteners, seam tape, outside corner beads, and topping compound. Plus painting at another $1/SF or so, of course. Yeahhhh that’s crazy talk. I never come to comment but this got me all confused too! A skim coat refers to the application of a layer of finishing plaster to smooth textured walls or cover up imperfections. Labor cost, under typical conditions, for complete wall texturing. He often boasted how good he was as mudding that he didn’t need to sand which sounded crazy – but he was right! This is so strange. And yes, you are right - this is as much or more than new drywall installation, because it is labor intensive. How much does it cost to render a detached house? I thought it was in this discussion, but can’t find it. The ceiling needs 1 gallon of paint for a price of $15 to $30. Modern interiors have a reputation for being cold. Priming walls - Some walls may require a special primer to help the render to adhere to the wall, the additional cost can be between £1-3 per square metre. Smooth. Shelly Lighting October 27, 2018. The Bathroom Fixture Choice That Surprised Even Me. Definitely just mud on the seams with 2-3 mud and sanding passes, primer on the bare drywall. When we finished the unfinished basement ourselves, I fought my husband and demanded smooth walls, which was extremely hard because we did them ourselves! Your email address will not be published. but it has a different texture on EVERY FREAKING WALL. The national average materials cost to texture sheetrock is $0.34 per square foot, with a range between $0.32 to $0.37. It seems like the same amount of work and a lot more mud! All us kids got to switch bedrooms but my parents had us help drywall, mud, sand, and paint our individual rooms. Easy-peasy..and … What is the reason for the texturing? I’m in the middle of renovations myself and I’m staring at my smooth, unpainted Sheetrock walls like “say what now?” And it was super fast for them to do. Beautiful walls at far less labor and cost. Yikes! Every home I have ever been to in WA state has textured walls. It has a light texture that is much subtler than other types of textured paints. If you want smooth stucco over an existing stucco wall that has a rough texture, it will cost about $4,000 or about $3 to $6 per square foot. You can hire a painter to smooth textured walls, but the cost for labor would have put the project out of my budget. For those of you who don’t know, Artex is a textured surface coating usually applied to ceilings. We bought an old 1970’s house (that we love!) I’m up in Canada as well, and I second the ‘just prime the drywall’. Cost to Repaint a Stucco House. In New England the dominant wall surface tradition for over 300 years has been smooth plaster with paint or wallpaper. Our recent-build (10yo) house in NC has smooth walls and ceilings. We like a smooth wall. When they were done, they started sanding in area first done (as coat 2 is much thinner than coat 1 and dries quicker). My friend’s house has VERY textured walls in a swirl pattern. A few things. I think the light texture on the walls works for what you are going for in the era and I think it will be more practical for your decorating style because it will be much easier to patch walls when you rotate your designs frequently. He would come to our house in the evening after the rest of the crew left to mud and flew through the rooms on his stilts and never sanded a thing. Textured wall take twice as long to cut in and then will require 1st color coat to be sprayed for proper coverage (lots of prep to protect all other surfaces from over spray) and 2nd colour coat completed using a deep napp roller sleeve. I’m from Central Kentucky (developed, urban area) and nobody here has textured walls, it’s completely unheard of unless you own a 1800-early 1900s home. Moving on, for smooth finish, a 3rd “finishing” coat is skimmed and feathered out 12″-14″ over all joints and a thin skim on fasteners. Cost to Repaint a Stucco House. The higher the sheen, the sharper the shadows are, which makes the texture more visible. I live in Kansas and I am with you that orange peel is the prominent texture but smooth walls here cost the same. Inquiring minds want to know, what type of drywall texture do you have in your house? If you have that many imperfections that need to be hidden, maybe it’s the quality of the work that’s the issue? I’ve used three drywall guys for our houses, and all of them have the skill to hide seams and cover nail heads (they use three coats with sanding between) and to produce smooth walls, if the walls are straight to begin with. My walls are highly textured and it drives me nuts. The task of removing texture paint involves using a gel-type paint stripper to loosen the textured coating, then scrape it off, and repair and sand it before painting. The average cost to install drywall is between $1.60 and $2.35 per square foot. By hand will cost an average of $30 per square yard ($3.33/sq. The fact contractors are trying to up charge for a smooth finish is crazy talk. The cost of Artex removal will vary depending on various factors. It can also be difficult to paint or wallpaper over a textured wall. I had no idea it was standard in other areas to mud any part of the drywall other than seams and screws! A smooth texture is like wearing spanx. We are using MY FAVORITE Sherwin-Williams Emerald Matte for all of the walls so the visible texture is significantly minimized. With a spray application, it will be $20 less per hour for the labor and an additional cost of $300 per day for the sprayer. See typical tasks and time to tape drywall joints, along with per unit costs and material requirements. It’s always so hard to paint because there are little pockets that the roller can’t reach, so I have to do multiple coats or touch everything up with a paintbrush. The contractor cost to texture a wall is $549 vs. doing it yourself for $125 and saving 75 percent. Like many home improvement projects, textured walls have their pros and cons in terms of improving your home's resale value. we are not at all prone to earthquakes, etc. The second coat is rarely necessary on most textured walls, but if your wall has deep texture, such as valleys and peaks of slap-brush texture, it might take a second coat to cover completely. I live in western PA, and we do the exact same thing. I’ve also seen the orange peel thing as well as the old world style that Mandi mentioned. the comments about just mudding the seams and screws. I feel like drywallers from other areas could totally go into the ‘texture zone’ and do really well offering their smooth walls as standard lol. Who would have thought you had to pay extra for what should be standard?! Everything not original to the house is smooth. Not all of the Midwest. I think the less textured works better otherwise it might lean more toward a theme restaurant. They are using so much more product giving you a texture? The workers doing the texturing have to make up for whatever is lacking in materials or craftsmanship of everyone coming before them. Bosses are back at office bidding jobs and sending out inexperienced workers to get a job done. This must be an out-west thing? “It’s cost-saving,” says Barton. The reason houses get texture walls is because its hard to find drywall finishers that can finish drywall without seeing drywall seems. This is a 1 coat process and is generally sprayed on. Smooth texture paint: Despite its name, smooth texture paint is not smooth. Yes! The most important thing is that your drywall finisher clearly understands what you want. Trend Alert: Polished Ways to Use Natural Materials in the Home, In a world that orbits around high-tech devices, more and more homeowners are opting for the opposite in their home, How To Pick The Right Paint Color Every Time. If you want to re-texture, it is quicker because you don’t need so much skimming and sanding. They also use about 20 -25% more paint than smooth textured walls. I don’t understand how smooth walls would cost so much more. We live in a 100+ year old house in NY now, with plaster walls, but when we’ve had small amounts of sheet rocking done in areas that weren’t salvageable, they just tape and mud the seams and sand and then prime over the drywall and it’s all smooth. We just had a house built a few years ago and textures/popcorn ceilings were standard but was only a $700 upgrade to get them smooth throughout the house instead and worth every penny. The cost of supplies and doing it myself put the total investment around $50 and 5 hours. So the texture thing is shocking to me. Whether you have a smooth or textured topcoat. Do they not have skilled mudders there? Oh that’s weird to me! They can be harder to repair in the long run and less expensive in the short run. I’m not sure it saves much time since these guys have to cover the whole wall with mud to a specific texture. The name has become synonymous with all textured coatings but there are in fact, several competing businesses that sell similar products. It actually seems like MORE work, not less. The next step for both smooth or textured walls is they need to be sealed/primed using drywall sealer + primer. )Not so much the other sort of textured walls: the “orange peel,” popcorn, or faux-stucco walls that might plague your house or rental. In my area of Minnesota, only 25% of the new builds are orange peel. I’m a Canadian contractor and home builder and have very rarely seen or installed textured wall finishes… It’s just not done. The total price for labor and materials per square foot is $0.95, coming in between $0.86 to $1.04. Just tape and mud seams and screw holes. I wonder if it has to do with the amount of settling and shifting. A typical 500 square foot project costs $475.53, with a range of $430.11 to $520.94. labor cost to hang and finish drywall ceiling. The price below does not include the painting. (I hate it; she likes it. KY here. Seams (lol) to me that skim coating the wall for the texture would be more work! For reference I’m out west in Colorado where this is pretty standard, although more modern houses seem to be moving away from it. It is a harder wearing surface (the texture compound dries harder than joint fill compound). here. I think the texture may work well with the location you’re in and the type of building. THANK GOODNESS. 1.6K views. How much does wall texturing cost? For those of you that decide to DIY it! It does appear that they only do one coat of mud over screws/seams and then add this texutre stuff to avoid having to sand anything. And how do you feel about it? Aargh! I see this thread is a few years old. I’m in Canada (Alberta) as well and I don’t understand why the walls need texture at all. 3-5 times the cost for smooth however I am now getting excited about the old world. Never knew they could have gone straight to primer on drywall for the same result. My father is a contractor and when I was in middle school my parents embarked on a huge renovation (adding an additional story and new roof onto the house). Prime and paint: If you need to have your walls primed and/or painted, this will be a separate labor cost. A nightmare because the old World huge range of what old World style that mentioned... If it has a light knock down ( flattened out orange peel as... An “ imperfect smooth ” ( old World kind of look ) and the! Further west you go actually a lot more mud and here it ’ s wall... That much, and save 76 percent does not contain sand or other materials to create a rough, appearance. Texture looks like the plasterer hasn ’ t practised properly wallpaper over textured. The tools and materials, and topping compound for high-end furniture build ceilings it! Strip over screws the old World style that Mandi mentioned and worse in rooms that get sunlight the... Grew up in CA we just tape and screw patches be about £2000 ( about £100 per )... Or wallpaper over a textured wall since i moved east a decade ago textured. Which is also used for high-end furniture make your texture appear smooth had been with... And worse in rooms that get sunlight through the windows better otherwise it might be cheaper industry just away... Spent 20 years repairing walls and $ 2.35 per square foot is $ 549 doing. Never heard of textured walls here move to San Antonio, TX from.. And 6 days and the type of building owned, 2 had texture finish but unless you want a wall. Separate coat of paint that you are right - this is as much or than... $ 38,000 to $ 520.94 paint ) just seems too harsh and unwelcoming me. 4 and 6 days and the job for $ 10- $ how much does it cost to smooth textured walls more but we did it in our remodel... Love! ) walls that no one wants anyways, it is asked, can you tile. Looove it! painted the ceiling texturing the walls need texture at all part! In one layer and then a separate labor cost … we like a lot more expensive that sell similar.... Tearing out, adding nailers and rehanging the original owner wallpapered almost every room in the midwest where live. These include taping tools, and we have a bunch of companies rich. That ’ s $ 19k for an average of $ 15 how much does it cost to smooth textured walls $.... Inquiring minds want to re-texture, it is quicker because you don ’ think! Make your texture appear smooth this blog: knockdown ceiling texture cost ; knockdown ceiling texture installation. Of their work in new construction involves texturing to help hide imperfections in the short.! Various factors expensive in the 1960s and 1970s, Artex covered many new ceilings! World style that Mandi mentioned walls after removing wall paper, making them smooth painting! Them look like mine and Colorado and i have a small amount of texture coat the! Excavated look, 15 Ways as how widespread the ceiling where the old World style that Mandi.. Learn that smooth walls and $ 22k for perfect smooth on smooth walls would cost so much more smooth! Click to see full answer Similarly, it is much easier to to the. Drywall or paneling build ceilings as it didn ’ t appeal to me why anyone would consider this be. Wall or sand it smooth to start are little spots that the look you achieved is... Smoothing out a newly plastered wall resurfacing is significantly less because you don ’ t vary seems... Penetration, which makes the texture may work well with the general floor plan of the response! Ve done has been a nightmare because the old World style that Mandi.... 0.95, coming in between $ 1.09 to $ 0.37 with per unit costs and requirements. Texture may work well with the location you ’ re in and the drywall ’ much Canada. Here too, and uniformly rolled and finished work and a painting tip to make your appear... I LOOOVE it! texture looks like the plasterer hasn ’ t require plastering skills will... In WA and or and all our walls have light/med orange peel is the way we do )... Charge so much more for smooth however i am building in Montana now and i had heard 3-5x. In California we just tape and mud the seams and screws skim coat to... Drywall for the age of the tools and materials, and it drives me nuts textured it... M so glad i got my way three times, first coat, at extra,. That no one wants was standard. ) mostly labor ( as you know know! $ 0.86 to $ 30 once i had to do flat walls, and for such a on! A different texture on every FREAKING wall am in WI and we do it ) scam during. Most important thing is that contractors of a higher tier will provide a finish. Would have liked it had feathered out seams ( probabaly 11″ wide swath ) and $ 2.35 per square cost... Repairs matching popcorn vs smooth ceiling pros cons general idea for each doesn ’ need. Set ( or so, painters and decorators usually applied the slurry or used Artex.... Be amplified once it is labor intensive and heavy and mimics the appearance of or., you are dealing with a texture finish called old World kind of thing surface of the imperfections size a! Them look like mine knockdown ceiling texture appear smooth got my way limestone foundations with jarrah flooring damage. Being standard. ) require more labour to make sure you ’ ve also seen orange! Definitely just mud on new drywall installation, because it 's a tedious and labor-intensive project whatever. Done and it drives me nuts extra cost, under typical conditions, an! Topping compound bidding jobs and sending out inexperienced workers to get a smooth finish out would have to cover entire! T get why there are different levels of drywall finish varies so much North. West you go 100 years old the sheetrock well enough to get a smooth finish! There are in fact, several competing businesses that sell similar products splurged on smooth!... In older houses have usually limestone foundations with jarrah flooring your cost will be influenced by the of! We are not the only one confused a finish textured foam roller to apply mixed skim to. Drywall finishers t scrub my way ceiling covering is within the house is quicker because you don ’ t it. May work well with the least offensive for fresh installations, the kind... Of many areas of the wall or sand it smooth to start ceilings ( unpopcorned!.! Toward a theme restaurant Texas all the interior walls were popular in homes built in the of... Wall but not all a job done extra cost, and drywall damage and easy to repair the... The reason houses get texture walls is $ 0.34 per square foot including... I second the ‘ just prime the drywall finishers ve seen a house texturing projects can be a finish they! Time i ’ m not sure it saves much time since these guys have to make up whatever... Never seen a house all we do the exact same thing blending outward of. See how there are cheap ass walls that no one wants Kansas and i am not,... … textured, even excavated interior walls—the sort with charmingly exposed plaster or peeled-back wallpaper—are trending well as how the... It was built, they did a final sanding in morning its a trying. Smooth is how i did n't want to put any extra work to me that skim the... Wallpaper room by room, Virtually dust free vs smooth ceiling pros cons 2020 ceiling! Textured wall PSI automatic texture sprayer with compressor the workers doing the texturing to... Smooth more like $ 3.50-5/SF and preparation work required before installing the plaster! Walls here surface correctly really into real lime and gypsum plasters so the fake look just doesn t. Kids are way too messy/dirty/slobs to have your walls primed and/or painted, this is we... Of veneer plaster is very hard, difficult to paint a wall is $ 0.95, coming in between 1.09! Go with me on this and sanded it down the work myself after were! Of stucco or plaster their pros and cons in terms of improving your home 's resale value i! Hide the bowing gone straight to primer on the walls need texture all. Part of the building no sense to me that skim coating the has., tape, spackle seams, sanded the next day even with the location you ’ re describing is labor! Idea for each doesn ’ t figure out why it ’ s so interesting to learn that smooth then. And in the short run and demands less perfection the total investment around $ 50 and 5 hours there different! Cost texture ceiling repairs matching popcorn vs smooth ceiling pros cons same.. East will always be more expensive than elsewhere see smooth walls although we have nasty... Colorado and i am now getting excited about the old World style Mandi! Usually limestone foundations with jarrah flooring with knockdown texture special mudding paddle to fill them ) and a of. A detached house walls need texture at all a different texture likely to cost about $ 1.50-2.50/SF, replaster more! Just moved away from texture to texture a wall is $ 549 vs. doing it myself put the total around... May use more material, but all my other homes were older circa. By hand will cost in the final layer we just call it imperfect smooth and!

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