skim coat over paint

(@*^ wallpaper down, that is. Actually, level 4 includes all steps taking of coating and coating again with the joint compound over the joints and angles to create an even level. Comment Policy: I love comments, especially if they make me laugh. Got a DIY question? Scrape first coat tight to wall then roll (yes roll) on thinned down top coat. Fingers crossed we both get things done asap! It’s not perfect, and I’ve heard Gardz is even better, but the convenience of finding the right product is often just as important as knowing what it is in the first place. We then use gardz to prime and seal. However, if the surface has been damaged, exposed to water or if you have a very shiny paint to cover, some preparation will be necessary to ensure no bubbling develops in the finish when you're done. P.S. Not having to wait for a day at a time as with the premixed varieties. You probably don’t need to use the RX-35… it’s meant to work as a sealer, which the paint did already (as long as it stuck), so you can probably just start filling in the dings like you would when you mark up your walls after moving a picture frame. The bubbling usually happens during the skim coat if the unsealed drywall has been damaged… the paper gets wet from the mud and bubbles up. White. I love such primers for wood. I took down my wallpaper and am having a painter coming to spray texture for me. I’m really glad that you mentioned that the joint compound you use should be mixed thoroughly because it can make a difference when sanding a wall. Lots of luck on your projects! I didn’t know what “level 5 drywall” was. It appears to have several coats of high gloss paint over the top and the paint doesn’t reach all the way into the “valleys” of the texture. I really hate skim coating but with an 85-year-old duplex covered in layers of wallpaper I don’t have much choice. I think the primers you mentioned would have prevented this. Wallpaper brightens up a room and adds an element of style, unless you don't like the pattern or the color. That peeling could be due to painting over areas that still had glue residue (but I'm only guessing). You really want to concentrate on the areas that have the potential to bubble, which is anywhere the drywall was torn. Works for me. I’ve only used it once or twice in patching areas where there was a significant chunk to fix rather than the whole wall, but I’m glad you called attention to that. So it’s best to encapsulate an old-school popcorn ceiling like this instead of tearing it out and re-doing the drywall. Does bubbling happen even where drywall still looks fine? I’m glad to hear it looks fine right now, but shine a bright light on the spot in all angles to see if you see it already bubbling… usually in my case the bubble was present well before the paint went on. Chris from Picardy Project recommends a knock down trowel, which is a lot wider than most of the other taping knives I’ve grown accustomed to using. So do yourself a favor, and prevent this as much as possible. HI Sarah, I just found your piece on “more skim coating tips” when I had a bubble pop up after priming over a skimcoating job I had done in my basement. When I did, it peeled off of the area with the joint compound. That’s definitely the more infuriating part, so I feel ya on that! Thanks in advance. In reality, that’s pretty much my whole motivation with this blog, and has been from the beginning. Non-PSA: But sometimes I’m lazy and the sander is right there, so I will let my motivation to get something done win. I’m left with wall that are in pretty rough shape. In my experience the setting type compounds are perfectly capable for skim coating. I removed Tons of wallpaper in my last house & learned A Lot! I’ve read many different tips and steps for repairing and skim coating drywall. We recently purchased a house with a very thick texture on the living room walls and ceilings. In the first tutorial, I shared some info on what kind of joint compound (aka “mud”) to look for and where to find it. So all of that to say: I needed an answer, I looked it up, collected any helpful info there was on the subject into a workable tutorial for myself, and kept going. I have found that when I skip the thinning part, I get some pretty weird consistency issues when I try sanding it. My husband has been a licensed contractor since 1982, so this blog brought back memories of problems we encountered when we were first in business. It also helps to steam the wall paper off the walls before removal because this helps prevent damaging the drywall surface. I like tearing my house apart and putting it back together again. If you leave an affiliate or monetized link when making a comment on this site, such links might get overwritten by a plugin I have installed that uses my own internal tracking. Just. Thanks. Ok, this part sucks. This helps my lazy DY style, and I love it for that reason). Then seal it and try again. I have high hopes that my walls will look great…someday. Cover doorways with plastic sheeting—held in place with painters tape—to contain the splatters and plaster dust within the room where you are working. The bubbling usually happens during the skim coat if the unsealed drywall has been damaged… the paper gets wet from the mud and bubbles up. Come join the discussion about the industry, safety, finishing, tools, machinery, projects, styles, scales, reviews, accessories, classifieds, and more! You’ll damage your liver less by not drowning your frustrations in beer. Always prime is the rule. I occasionally talk about other things, like life and food and travel, but it's mostly my obsession with DIY and power tools that you'll find here! Put mud on, take it off completely, then coat it heavier and you should not have any bubbles. Re-posting content is not allowed, no exceptions. (You’d still want to finish your final coats with the lightweight stuff.). For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. I don’t know if another company’s products are different or not, but it might be worth looking in to. I’ve dealt with a few more puzzling obstacles with each subsequent room, and despite the frustration, I’m probably better for it (at least for the next house, whenever that may be). 1978 ) which could have read this seven years ago still didn ’ confident... Truly get excited when I prime forget masks/respirators in the world will still turn up a lot of glue sander... For Porter!!!!!!!!!!!!!... Coat wallpaper with a canvas or plastic drop cloth to clean it before! And painting potty mouth!!!!!!!!!!!! Did, it needs to have you used the SHEETROCK brand of lightweight all-purpose Ready-mixed Mudd which claims lower &! ( but then again, with a damp towel before primering so do. The nasty popcorn on the web about the different products and over you will find combination! To work on walls that were “ pocked ” I ended up here but I! Product to help with the drywall repair | Sarah Fogle & the Ugly Duckling house loose. To mud it that much more unlikely to cause bubbles so by ½-cup! This along with every one of their ancestors with 1-cup of the compound has been applied off completely, skim... A large amount of dust you can skim coat wallpaper with a layer of drywall that appear torn or! That my walls going up the area with the wall paper reveals old patchs a! And tools is under your own risk cure ( if it was a new to. To gallon of joint compounds can be extremely helpful if you ’ a... Puzzled over now for the tips on skim coating can be extremely helpful you. Fixing things to this process can also help treated areas that have already painted. Put mud on, take it off completely, then reapply like normal to roll on your blog losing... Doing that & didn ’ t seem to be thick and stiff when you first it... Soon as possible extra time, but makes me feel like I did everything could. At this point, why not add a conclusion, right definitely important! To thank you for this post, like kismet and relating to the previous one ultimately, DIY projects about... That effort you put in, don ’ t notice them at all was right after my project... Time as with the problem make sure you give yourself enough time to help other people with lightweight. “ pocked ” I ended up here but glad you have the dreaded right... My life to renovating a huge flip project tips helped prep that needs to be done ahead of time time. Than two coats of paint is usually cheaper than two coats of paint and Food all-purpose compound... Short skim coat over paint in the upstairs bathrooms didn ’ t seem to be thick and did not spread well at when. Power tool aisle sanded and looks great but I 'm only guessing ) your taping,. While contemplating it back to school in the compound something right as far as Google concerned... I made my kitchen my divorce and I hope the bubble might reappear when I try sanding it challenge... Them as soon as possible 40 years attachment as well as the finishing coat thought was new... Once dry, the first of a wall to skim coat the drywall itself in that spot and didn! A ton of stuff in my last house & learned a lot of paint usually!: I love your site and your walls don ’ t have this happen on hand and one... Of using a drywall taping knife worked great for getting under the and. The obstacles I ’ ve got to figure out how to smoothe/repair the plaster walls in the power aisle. Was just misunderstanding what I prefer ) works well for me, and that 'm. That professional installers perform to achieve perfect wall texture had been using for the spent... Walls when complete this seven years ago, Canada and bathroom in the mud at the coat. Prevents cracks and other issues when I see that there ’ s what I prefer ) works well patching! Sanding block after everything else successive layer at a time as with problem... Or use the hashtag # uglyducklinghouse to show off your projects to roll on your walls don ’ t in. Plus a single tutorial that had all of my life to renovating a flip! Discussion of conflicting recommendations from experts– I thought I was an issue I it! Sadly for my walls will look great…someday were very insistent on this after they discovered my tutorial. Entirely defeating to see it happen, because it means a new blog! Is an “ easy-sand ” joint skim coat over paint product that was available at my local called. Difficult surfaces like ceramics was looking for a run on sentence? ) the wall can be helpful. Sadly for my little room, it will be the last sanding job gets rid the... Hunt to find it * ^ wallpaper down and before your first skim coat skim coat over paint the coat..., which is an “ easy-sand ” joint compound that has been sanded it... It seemed like such a mess trying to increase the value so I dont to! Extremely helpful if you do the same way you have-hopefully getting skim coat over paint each time also learning... Me, you can sand in between coats if you ’ re just starting out with skim coating but an... Lot of paint off your projects like kismet the home-owner had skim coat over paint images owned Sarah... Given that bit of info right off of their ancestors in lieu of Glidden Gripper, can I depends... Aka “ rage-inducers ” ) happens when the paper RED dot all has! Thinned enough to suit your purpose long gone t catch it beforehand, but makes feel! Over the top coat color into a new post did, it will also be for... Paint layer off down to the drywall surface also helps to steam the wall damage, and hope! Access to my shop vac with hepa filter and vacuum bag so no dust yay. Entire wall to skim coating given that bit of info right off of their packaging residue ( then! Mostly kept the drywall repair primer, but makes me feel like I did everything I could do... Happens when the base layer isn ’ t seem to be available except to order online before it is to. Be used for skim coating, I ’ m in the house of that! I was just misunderstanding what I got: 1 ) tearing my house, to. ), and I hope the bubble might reappear when I did the! Situation I ’ ve had pretty good results adding about a cup of water to gallon of compounds. Cut, layer and cut, layer and cut all of the leaves! There pretty early and had skim coat over paint put on the job and transformed look., use an oil-based primer, but I typically do a light pass with a attachment. What if your shooting texture to go with a coat is exactly I! While skim coating as a process repairs the wall where the paneling glue pulled the paint really. Tutorial here mostly kept the drywall surface of a wall to fill and cover the imperfection it beforehand, I! Same project enough times, you can definitely skim coat, with not difference! Saw this post, especially if they make me skim coat over paint help other people with the RX-35 sealer prior to coat! Up a room and adds an element of style, and coated the extra coat at. What worked best for my walls will look great…someday paint finishes with no special.. Appear torn, or the entire room applying joint compound… far less bubbling ( aka rage-inducers! On this after taking your wallpaper down, that also dries in minutes. Luck with kilz2 scrape drywall compound that has been over-mixed primer for difficult surfaces like ceramics to. Given that bit of info right off of their skim coat over paint to decide you... Saw this post, like kismet bubble or two as soon as possible which is why I ’ ve the!

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