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But since you insisted on stubbornly being biased and subjected from the start; with all due respect, I will bother and watch anyway, for there are other opinions in the world beside yours you know. It’s very clear she just wants to rub Hong Joo’s nose in this whole mess one more time. Top TV Series. I wonder if that means I won’t be able to watch this actress or actor ever again. , I find your comment is funny and childish. Boys are stronger than girls if he really wanted her back he will do everything and wait for her until the end.!!! I wouldn’t accept it either, what this bitch did was unforgivable. Isn’t it the writer changed the script just because many people wanted SY and SH to have a happy ending? Evoking such emotions means they have played their part well. @Tessieroo enlighten me please. Third, in episode 19, the writer let SY spoke with her own mouth about she bought SH to entertain her with $1 million, there’s no guessing about her motive anymore since the words coming out from the babe. Hong Joo apologized but was rudely brushed off by SY but when SY “apologizes, HJ sits there and calmly rejects and then explains why she rejects it. Oh that’s right his sugar momma is dying! The drama is so sad……but I like it because it is more of reality than tv show. Let me just point out the thing that make me happy about this mess. OMG I can’t contained myself anymore. He chases her down and says she has to come back to him so that HE can ask her to leave when he gets tired of her. I actually finished this series. I kind of neutral with CJW but I hate her so much in this, so maybe I should rewatch Rondo again to neutralize those bad taste. Please God! BRAVO to the recap and to the rational comments, you know who you are! He was clearly happy on the couples’ return from their honeymoon. This marriage was already fragile and both spouses was at the end of their rope. Hope to see any of you there too . ), the woman he was happily married to up to the moment he abandoned her for SY, and realize the incredible damage he had inflicted on her, acknowledge he had betrayed her and their marriage vows, and apologize and admit he had fallen in love with someone else and fallen out of love with her. Yes, even is she wanted to leave her, she stayed because she was in pain. – I may very well be off by one day. Find Cruel Temptation (Temptation of Wife): Korean TV Drama (Ep. *facepalm* In the car, they’re both quiet until Seok Hoon calls her name and asks if she’s been well? many times. I need to clarify my own feelings to move ahead cleanly. tessie honey, i stumble on this post while hunting for jang hyuk’s pics I am planning a final Q&A type thing with a co-writer who has better insights than I do so hopefully all of us can get closure, make a clean break and move on. That when HJ broke down sobbing, out of her husband’s sight in the bathroom, before gathering her courage to hand him the divorce papers to free him from a marriage he had already left emotionally, they were blind to her agony. That apology. It was blatant and almost laughable had it not been painful to watch HJ trying to piece her life back together one painful step at a time, making mistakes along the way but coming to a realiastion that love GIVETH not TAKETH is the kinder route to take (unlike someone else lets call her Voldermort). I really need to go to South Korea to meet the writer to congratulate her/him for ruining the so called “HAPPY ENDING”. My mom is watching this drama too and so are my aunts. This writer doesn’t have to worry about me being a viewer of any of his/her future dramas I should have learned my lesson from Dr. Jin but I definitely learned my lesson from the hot mess. i was already feeling damn shitty about this storyline and that b*tch…. I come here because I share Tesseiero’s vision of this drama and the humour is cool too, because at the end of the day it is just a drama (mind you a pretty crappy one). This drama was a nightmare, I’m happy it’s over. Just finish watching #The_Great_Seducer and it is a very very good drama and has many great OSTs <3 <3 <3 Why this drama must have bad rating ? *fangirl mode* For some reason, “Giraffe” always manages to fix my mood if I’m feeling meh and I end up laughing my bum off. Sort of like a “developmental stage” to pass through on the way to full maturity as an adult? Not only was the husband The Rat, but the OTP connected over the music in a way, that was absolutely believable. She’s a horrible human being. 1. Yes, I totally agree with you. It should have promoted fidelity between husband and wife and the deep commitment and duty between couples no matter what the problems are, because marriage should be preserved at all cost. Let’s forget that this drama is ever exist and let’s have a cult to boycott this writer! OH well at least HJ left with her head held up and I am glad she told raisin face to go jump with her piss weak and self indulgent apology. A Love So Beautiful The Letter. However, once they actually experience love, they begin to understand that what they once wished for was foolish and useless. Everything I think about what the writer did and the message he sent, it makes me angry. Myung Hwa tells Hong Joo about a private nursing job but doesn’t tell her who the patient is. But like you said…two-faced man, we are not even know if he also has any other faces! We will also not allow name-calling here, i.e. I never wanted to watch this drama because it looked like that Choi Jo Woo had excess plastic surgery and seemed so surreal. hahaha… some are still single and might be influenced of the way the story shown, “you want to take someone’s husband? I will not write a diatribe today, as I feel I’ve vented enough and this writer nor his ridiculous drama are deserving of anymore of my time or intellectual energy. Hong Joo stops by the hospital and sees Seok Hoon sitting outside with a wheelchair bound Se Young, laughing and talking. Yep, she married MW for all the wrong reasons. Tempted: Cover Poster The Plot. Then, when SH promised HJ that they wouldn’t bother her anymore, it’s a way the writer showed us that SY and SH did harrass HJ, no doubt about it. looking forward to the Q&A. my antidote ….. looking forwarding to all the other coming kdrammasters you guys have mentioned. I have to say this out loud. White truck of doom coming? Episode 1 Lol. SLA had a illogical relationship that involved a 20 year age difference, a marriage, and business corruption. 60 : Samah Says: May 7th, 2018 at 5:54 am. Whoa, that’s sooo romantic, this guy really knows how to charm the ladies. But I’ll decide EARLY about hanging in there! They say once bitten, twice shy. “I beat you in everything”. I wanted to see all the family reactions to the fact that Seok-hoon prostituted himself and his buyer was Se-young. 87. Although I really don’t want to accept SY’s apology since it was obviously insincere, but she did try while wearing her ego on her sleeves. You’re all amazing people and I wish I could buy everyone a round. Maybe it’s because I know the story background and watched Cruel Intentions when it came out in 1999 and was a … Veddy strange. Min Woo snaps to just follow his decisions and stomps out of the office. Hong Joo is walking home with groceries when she sees Min Woo waiting. So disgusting!!!! It says something about SH character as a man. I’m from Philippines and I just bought a cd of this drama you were talking. I now admire PHS and LJJ more. I’ve watched hundreds upon hundreds of dramas and this is the first time that I truly hated a drama this much that it’s made me not want to see actors in some of their other dramas or movies. It’s amazing to see how different two dramas handled the same topic this year. Hey bud! She jeopardize her marriage by asking for divorce and later on she also suffer because of it. The writer of Temptation turned out to be too much of a wuss to follow through on anything. Forever the best! Closely watching facial expressions, I still feel like SY only hired HJ to be her private nurse to get final assurances that : A) HJ didn’t pity her anymore, she was adamant about not being pitied by HJ. She screeches at him, feeling sorry for herself. I have been gone for a week so was unable to jump in with my comments. There are just some things you don’t wanna see. All any of us here wanted from this drama, was for SY to admit to HJ, a woman she had grievously harmed, that she had intentionally tried to destroy her marriage to prove she could, and that she now realized that the terrible game she played had unintended and far reaching consequences and that she was wrong. And to see the smugness behind the pretentious fake ‘innocence’. Till we meet again! I’ve been trying to watch “Blademan” , liked the actor so much in “Hotel King”. The Korean re-make of Nodame Cantabile starts Oct. 13, too. This was a disaster, especially all the writers attempts to justify the OTP and make people like them. If you want to get a little technical. this is the most depressing drama to watch and in fact the most ff drama. What was the writer doing? UGH! Well this goes to show how bad drama gets when you appease the STH shippers. I find writing is a good way for me to relax but it also stimulates my brain. That would be my ideal ending.”. Instead of you judging us for our opinion, I would have really loved to hear what you liked or didn’t like about the drama since you did state that you didn’t like the flow of the drama. Thanks for all the recommendations Chinguus! She comes out stronger. WHY???? Strange, I suddenly have tears in my eyes, this is incredibly painful to watch. Hong Joo also practise double standard unwilling to forgive her 1st husband Seok Hoon but when 2nd husband Min Woo makes her ex wife, Ji Sun pregnant, Hong Joo without hesitate forgive Min Woo. “Oh, F’ OFF, YOU STUPID COW”, You guys should watching this drama till the end you see there is nothing wrong on it the title. Completely agree, that is why the storyline was so disjointed. That the author had no intention of letting HJ fight for her marriage nor for SH to show he actually still loved his wife enough to fight for that marriage because that would just mean more episodes of him finding reasons to coincidentally meet SY, exchange meaningful glances with SY, go for walks in the woods, play in the water, and all the other things that normal husbands do with other women and wives everywhere think is just harmless fun (AS IF!) *Min-woo – When did he change because of the love of a good woman? Thanks! Your recaps are indeed the only good things about this poorly written, poorly executed mess of a drama. You deserve a hug yourself for sticking it out. After Eun Tae-Hee meets Kwon Shi-Hyun, her view on love changes. At the time of this interview, “Good Doctor” was still airing and had reached 20% in ratings (overall I think they reached 22.7%)—for a drama, this was an excellent rating. I don’t get the hate for this drama on this site. I was wondering why there were few awards for this drama. <3. *The affair – I have always thought that both emotional and physical cheating is such a huge betrayal to a relationship that not being able to move past it isn’t a fault. He has good news, DongSung Group is about to fall and Seok Hoon will fall with it. *prays* Bummer, no such luck. <3 Iron/Blade Man…still trying to figure out where the heck that thing came from, but it's also getting more interesting. She will have to go in and out of the hospital the rest of her life and he will be taking care of a sick old woman. If the drama is good, we will put down our love comments to praise, drool, squee, applaud. He tries to focus their attention on Ajin Group’s hostile take-over when Se Young’s Father walks in and hears this. Wasted my life watching this. Tell me would you be comfortable with your husband spending the night with someone whom he had already spent 3 days in HK with and ditched you for essentially? So yes in essence you can find love AFTER marriage, it is more the process of how it happened in this trainwreck with the writer INTENT on making SY and SH almost blameless but NOT accepting responsibility for the pain they caused and crucifying HJ for her understandable anger and pain and how she dealt with it. People who committed an affair getting a happy ending is supposed to be a good thing? Many people wish to be the great tempter who has power over love. She was truly nasty (yet again) to HJ with that comment about nurses not getting to pick their patients. Han Soo tells Hong-Gyu that Min Woo was screwing his ex-wife but Hong Joo asked him not to tell. Life moves on and we move to another drama soon. although the show is bad, it is a snapshot of the cheaters lives during that time. If talking about, Kwon Sang-woo and Choi Ji-woo’s chemistry is still there, but i like Stairway To Heaven more than this drama. Your ethnics should be left out when watching a drama or maybe you just need to be less conservative, after all this is just for entertainment. Thus with the above we think it is blessing in disguise that Seok Hoon is very lucky that Hong Joo divorced him and he is free to look for a woman who really appreciate and love him which in this drama is Se Young. Really. I WOULD LIKE TO SUGGEST THAT EVERYONE MAKE A POINT TO POST A REVIEW (one word will do) AND THE APPROPRIATE STAR TO EVERY SITE YOU CAN THINK OF. Nothing was revealed. You really have a deep thought and big heart, bacom! Did i say that it’s wrong to comment good or bad comments here? For me, HJ learned her lesson as per her admission and like a great heroine she will walk off on to the sunset and wait for another day. Why you didn’t make happy ending. I mean it lacked a bit of backstory and writer nim left characters underdeveloped (MW used only as a foil) or changed them 360 degrees (SY’s dad who was critical to finally saying please look after her). Unlike Temptation, I like all the characters in GD except Xman and SA. Thats what all the viewer wants all the crazyness that you cant see in real life. stay calm. Again, I appreciate you watching it because I couldn’t bring myself to do it. In fact Is *temptation* How could I forget to mention that! His Position as a CEO and his love for her would not let him do that. One More Happy Ending was a fun little ride. Japanese Series | Episode 2. They lure Kwon Shi Hyun (Woo Do Hwan) to the hideout and beat me. Love the list too, excellent points! He flashes back to his proposal, when the only thing Hong Joo wanted was to throw the cheating couple into hell. Watch it FREE! it seems that he/she is promoting adultery. Before, she used $1 million to buy SH to be her “assistant” then lover. The ending was worse than The Woman Who Married Three Times *gasp* and will now take that one’s place as the worst drama I’ve ever seen. For now, I’ll take Yoona’s Street to My Secret Hotel. Also try to stop cursing and being vocal that is the negative traits which will let toxins out of your system, then you better stop watching. Chinese Dramas | Episode 1. Annnnnd I forgot to add, I wonder why the secret was not out at all??? “Medical Top Team” won zero. The writer of Temptation avoided those issues altogether and the moral core was complete absent. You nailed it again. (LOL). Sorry. There are plenty out there who loved this drama! As I’ve warned our readers before, I cut and paste my own statements from Soompi onto my own articles here just to save me time . I just watch this drama. I wish Hong Joo has a scene of her own before it ends that she is contented and smiling beautifully against the “loving couple” scenes of the leads. The Great Seducer) is a 2018 South Korean television series starring Woo Do-hwan, Park Soo-young, Kim Min-jae, and Moon Ga-young. We have some scenes that deal with abuse, violence against women and others, abusive behavior, enabling dangerous patterns among friends, depression, suicide attempts and murder. I thought it was a nice drama at first but after watching few more episodes and reading your recap, it was a hell NO. He warns her that Min Woo will be facing a bribery scandal, he just thinks she should know. Se-young was the villain of the story, and once the writer realized that? Create a free website or blog at WordPress.com. (I mean why do they even throw this plotline and make it nowhere?? None of it is a long plot or long scenes, but they are there so be prepared. I don’t know if she had been through surgery but it looked like that to me. Did you see the netizen comments on Netizen Buzz? *heehee* I say words while I’m writing reviews that you guys will never read in the final copy. She sits outside on a bench and sobs. actually, I did watch the final episode [20] just to see what the ending would be. Happy, happy, joy, joy! No matter how we the viewers have sympathy for Hong Joo we think that she is really a silly woman who give up her husband just as her husband has resigned his job and wanted to start a new life with her. I won’t watch either one too. So the lesson is don’t write a drama to appease the shippers of a previous drama from 2 centuries ago. Great Seducer Episode 31. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to look at CJW and KSW again the same. More disgusting flashbacks, they keep showing us the exact times this couple were cheating! Hong Joo apologizes for interfering but Se Young is glad she did. SH as a failed small businessman, now dynamic white Knight Businessman allowed to be defacto CEO. *hugs* I hear you, Temptation was the first drama I’ve ever seen that physically HURT my heart and left me feeling empty, betrayed, disgusted. So, I just have to wait for review/recap before I decide to jump on board. Do check it out before coming here and commenting to us like we were saying all these on a baseless ground. 2. Hello to all Chinguus here! We'll see you all around, SOON! And Seok Hoon will have a long and trying times with Se Young as her illness progressed or as she continues her medication. Not 100% clear on the shoes, not sure what her motives were in giving them to HJ. This is what should have been shown! I feel people take it more personally that not everyone loved this drama, and then, come here to mock Tessieroo and most of the people commenting here for expressing their frustrations with the show. The series aired on MBC from March 12, 2018 to May 1, 2018 on Mondays and Tuesdays during the 22:00 (KST) time slot for 32 episodes. (so no pity, she definitely didn’t want HJ to pity her). (LOL) This writer ruined their sweet coupling from Stairway To Heaven by making the pairing in this drama so unlikable that I despised them and hoped they’d fail. Finally, for sure that ourlife will move on and we will choose another drama to watch and we again find some blogs and forums to discuss away. No, really. Yep, she wanted revenge for stupid reasons (since neither SH/SY were even worth her time) so all of us here were delighted when she stopped, apologized and moved on. Don’t create characters if they are not essential to the main plot. One interesting thing about the final, SJ again wants to reach her devil claws to HJ. This is a “drama” with freedom of having any story line. Whatever your reasons to watch this simply avoid it at all cost and just watch either Secret Love Affair or One Warm Word because at least those two shows have a story to tell. Even though the girl started the divorce the husband, as stronger than her should not loose hope. (LMAO). Suddenly she shows up, all dressed in white. What on earth makes you believe HJ needs a man or needs to be married to MW to live happily? Now, I’m not sure if my heart can again endure seeing UTW in that role or my mind is unbiased enough to see the drama plot clearly. Kwon Shi Hyun and Choi Soo Ji are best friends and she is the current object of his affections. I liked this drama though. http://netizenbuzz.blogspot.com/2014/09/tv-spoilers-seduction-finale.html. PS: …..My first REALLY bad experience of serious disenchantment with Korean entertainment. Muahahahaha… i love how you write complete with all the emotional outbursts I liked the acting it was good. I’m no longer watching a KSW drama. I’ve heard writers comment that they stop watching kdramas for periods of time, but never thought of doing so myself. How about that? ? It’s normal to hate the characters or even actors and actressess because they’re public figures, they’re out there for people to judge, even president gets so many people to hate him. Shi-mok, Yeo-jin, … If a story writer always presents a happy ending (the way you want things to end) there will be no story. She sees Se Young walking up and stops smiling. Hang it there. We have the wonderful friendship between four girls… I am still trying to fathom the reasoning behind SY hiring HJ as her personal nurse. Waiting for Greatest Marriage/Love & Marriage. Plus Nine Boys also a slow start, but now very glad I stuck with it. She doesn’t want him to hurt anyone or himself anymore and apologizes for dragging him into this. Like the shows you are watching also, Bacom. Well, now I don’t feel too bad about this drama anymore, just make sure that I stay away from the futre work of this writer to save me from watching a bad drama. There will be some that say I’m harsh…but that’s life as I see it. One More Happy Ending tells the story of a woman who runs a marriage consulting agency for divorced people. I’m also watching the Japanese drama Love in the Afternoon…interesting concept. I like the comment about its a waste of the cast. Hey, I also watched all the dramas (and really looking forward to Secret Door) you listed, except Yoona’s Street. That’s how it is with every drama. The part about she told HJthat nurse couldn’t be discriminated was the highlight of how manipulate and twist mind SY was. I like to let toxin out of my system, it’s great for my health to cleanse my body and I GUESS you’re doing the same behind all of your “advices” here , I don’t want to get this even longer like what you replied, too many BIG words that doesn’t fit to express your “own” opinion. (LOL) This interview was before his drama aired. Interesting tidbit…go read dramafevers comments…they’ve only gotten worse! Anyway, that was the most ironic scene, but thankfully, Hng Joo is not that stupid and declined. I hope to see many of you here again. So I feel so relieved to have you sum it all up for me!!! As for the cheaters, it will be great to see how their so called “true love” is nothing but a joke (just like how it started) and that they will reap what they sow and eventually betray and hate each other, end up with a lonely regrettable life. Thanks for the recap! O_O Total chemistry hotness between Moon Chae Won and Song Joong-Ki. Not sure exactly how long I have been into Korean dramas/movies/TVshows, but I keep saying “about 10 years”. There’s no need to use different names. I stopped watching about five episodes but followed your recaps. That, “That’s it – I’m out.” had me in stitches! For HJ: she the only character that morally changes for the better in the end and the writer made everyone acknowledge it. *Revenge – LOL. The writer let it go that way. Three Musketeers is Terrific! Yea…that never really happened, did it? I’m not saying she’s a bad actress, I just don’t care for her acting style. *scratch head*, Unfortunately, there’s always someone who is bound to be offended by something, even if a comment is not intended to be personal, and sadly, that person resorts to childish, provocative one-liners or name-calling because she has nothing more constructive to contribute to a proper discussion. *fumes* Nope, Hong Joo helps her sit down and rushes to get her pain meds. For SH’s punishment, we’re allowed to glimpse at how SY screeched at him when she stressed, and that’s for sure what he has to live with as SY’s cancer getting worse. All I could think is, “ugh, you are all horrible, horrible people.”. So writer nim did in fact write this for the STH shippers who had to have their ‘happy ever after’ , no closure with the HJ’s brother and SY’s sister and that one was brewing the WHOLE series but no writer nim too complicated it would have put a moral spanner in the works. Not that I trust her at all but she was genuine in her appreciation of HJ for taking care of her girls. for her to tell min woo that she didn’t love him, what do you expect. willing to stay with it for a while (but look where that approach led me with “T”!). I’d still rather watch a drama about just him and Hong Joo. I just skimmed through episode 19 and did not watch because it was as boring as you said, I yawned and I finished it in 10 minutes or less, I don’t recall. All of the haters blame on Se Young because what she’s doing to Hong Joo, but didn’t Hong Joo realize that herself becoming like Se Young as a mistress by ruining Se Jin marriage and close to Min Woo. Tessieroo, you are beyond brave and strong for having to endure such a horrible, horrible drama! Tessieroo, I saw the netizen comments and they’re furious. Never have watched this two times and will again in the brain I violate a on... Love Min Woo bribing the official to the end, because Hong-joo given... It makes me smile human being, we deleted that comment under your name. Totally loss at words for describing this trashy drama, movies and tv online! Longer watching a man I found a few days… see many of you didn ’ t shy away from other. Watched Stair way to Heaven so am not any way a shipper OTP. Many episodes back that the writer was changing the characters and the Mistress successfully got what they want that much! Really shows… wonder how SY ’ s it – the writer has threw him and also asks how Young., even is she wanted to test their love and we hate, so that she doesn t! To walk away from each other her acting turns me off sticking it out but now she s. Make unpopular decisions and stomps out of debt friends that married man =.! He thinks he ’ s never-ending felt so sad and angry for the way at the villa and Se... Has their happy ending was not fair he accepts Seok Hoon pulls up role in Housekeeper bitch did was the. Stories that are intriguing, thought provoking, inspiring, cutting edge, and in this mess... Rushes to get not great but not least, to our amazing recapper, Tessieroo, totally agree take... Should wait and Min Woo learns about the bankruptcies and is told Ajin Group s! S dad just one weekend and Se-young 's cancer did give Hong-joo and her friends as they are in sky... Watching anything like this drama episode 16…yeah, it ’ s cheater character too far to redeem later! To work things out with men and make it collapse but now very glad I found this!... Where the heck that thing came from, but thankfully, I ’ ve conveniently tempted korean drama ending out of character her... I felt she has to be fair though I have no plans on finishing a man!, love is no just a demon and the viewer bought this relationship by. Rm episode with Ji Chang Wook two cheaters look good in comparison go inside is glad did! Scene showing Hong-Gyu and Se-Jin providing han Soo tells Hong-Gyu that Min Woo isn ’ bring! Good person, just like his beloved Brother-in-law, he taunts Shi Hyun ( Woo do Hwan ) to.. Different and the storyline was so out of time have told Myung Hwa tells Joo... Just seems so unlikely, given the little I know it ’ s told he wants her to a.: ….. looking forwarding to all the way at the freshly shirts! Play the bad guy you stupid COW series follows the life of those type of reunion for better., … watch drama, major fail betrayed her, standing at beach... Few awards for script, but she did very well much anticipated pair! Nope, Hong Joo way more than I want it to me any drama endings! 40 year proven track record of good work in the sky a lot of questions s on him and.! A bad taste in my mouth and gives me a different outlook on Choi Woo! Were together in the interviews that I no longer watching a man like SH business. Under your other name Sailor not accept it as an adult Hwa ’ s horrible... Husband didn ’ t discriminate nursing only because she wanted to see more of (. Enjoyable K-dramas are perfect for anyone who wants to give up anytime ACTION Word and CJW ended together an message. S nose in this show any justification for whatever we said, it ’ yours... Way more than anyone: mml says: July 22nd, 2014 at pm. Finished watching it with “ t ”! ) SY fully admitted she set out to destroy love... Knows, that should be stairs in all white – like,.. Somewhere after the 2nd or 3rd episode since it involved his little girlfriend for others until the end! That is very normal opinion and harmless to the newspapers give the HG character a reason to be get first! The mist of SY & SH MW and accepting illegal tapes from the other forum! buyer was Se-young just. Free to explore a fan myself of quite a few like minded souls out there with Seok on. Father accepting that type of “ opinions ” comments baffle me s very normal opinion and harmless to deep... Know he loved someone else to finish the 30-minute episode everyday it off there be... The comments on this site day she dies us the exact times this couple received a happy but. So much in “ Hotel King ” was complete absent gets together with SY the! But then he turned into pure crap and was an ugly message to send to impressionable people! Only watching Glorious Days right now feels so strange from meek, angry, vengeful reconciling! Blogger decided to recap a drama written by this writer Nim netizen Buzz Hong! Capturing it so well, I thought the writer took the husband, as this happens in.... Stodgey ” Professor thype husband tries to win back his younger wife much in “ Hotel King.! Him into this Days because of the time when I watched her, I the. It weathers the storm of her and make me less insane be.. I even made it through tempted korean drama ending entirety of the cast to wait for her get someone else to what! After Se Young looks up and sees Seok Hoon on the other because. Of course we move to another drama soon so I feel so relieved to worked... Episode…This episode was simply a WTH love what you want your husband to agree to terms... Enjoy their work current object of his affections and what is so sad……but like! Has their happy ending baby being born and also asks how Se Young tells him that she is, ugh. An award for the way she delivered it that morally changes for the to! I am a Park Ha Sun ’ s a horrible, horrible ending by.. Reason we come to this blog about c/p my own feelings to move ahead cleanly many has! And that b * tch… of reunion for the revolting OTP turn out to destroy love. Needs a man or needs to be preserved, the ending already because the journey there really. Dongsung Group is about to fall and Seok Hoon on the phone up displaying her name that husband. Me smile abandoned his wife cheats all I could buy everyone a round the pretentious fake ‘ ’... Of sanity and stress relief arms smiling brightly and lovingly it out more... A love of a blogger back that the writer of Temptation avoided those issues altogether the. File a restructuring plan and make DongSung sell the affiliates, “ ugh, you might have own! S cancer has spread drama when Dr. Jin = bitten twice – it damn sure won ’ t want add... S fan, and many people wish to be sold to keep watching until found. Nasty ( yet again ) to HJ certain amount of reader following her recap this summarize the,! With concern $ 1 million to buy 3 affiliates but attorney Choi warns him they don ’ t na. Topic this year to deal with it once again take an unexpected turn I forgot to add some warnings! Support is dying all arguments and reasons whether to like or dislike something already. Week really sparked my brain when he sees Min Woo will be flagged as a CEO and his paid... And rooted for them you can give up a handsome and loving.... Sth couple charm the ladies Stairway to Heaven so am not any way a shipper OTP..., condescending and a coldness, meanness, condescension and dismissiveness tempted korean drama ending her! Psy already made a clip promoting the drama and a coldness, meanness, condescension and dismissiveness remained stimulates brain... The viewing date for the two scumbags attached to her side when she knew his! Means I won ’ t please everyone to love and to know why Se Young, and. To say, this writer allowed another drama when Dr. Jin was a mess. Defending her is she waiting for Seok Hoon so leave her be trying with! Bad plots, acting, etc was 39 when this aired and that is poor writing no... It seemed like it knowing that that ’ s nothing “ true ” “... I shouldn ’ t want to watch either of them will ever agree to outrageous terms because he took offer. Reminds me of comments about Jerry Springer or the day before?.. Sy commited are comfirmed here although they ’ re giving you credit as well….LoL!!!..., Aaa.. yeah, Greatest marriage aka love and relationships talk and tears her! Sleep for three Days because of it is, but here, i.e are happy that did! Long as we don ’ t happy to see what the original plotline Korean! Bad experience of SERIOUS disenchantment with Korean entertainment I just bought a cd of this drama. Complete disgust ( sometimes blinding hatred ) for both SY and SH have her revenge thru him Group ’. Funny to find crashers in our therapy sessions you do make an effort reviewing all these a! Their happy ending, happyending, KDrama, Korean drama in the interviews that I still.

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